Thursday, December 29, 2011



In Hyderabad... This post will help you choosing Better BroadBand Connection between BSNL or BEAM.

Initially, I had a BSNL connection at Home with Home Band 800 bucks for 512KBPS. It was good though I had issues while making complaints to BSNL Customer Service.. It was ALL Time Pathetic Service. Soon I realised, I need to look for some better options rather waiting for BSNL guys come for resolving issues. Fortunately, very other day I come across BEAM Placard lying near to my residence. It was good though with only 400 Bucks for 512KBPS [almost half of the amount I pay to crappy BSNL Service]. I took a chance and called up Beam executive to get some more details. After hearing all the details... I took a plan of 512KBPS with payment of 2300 bucks for 6 months with No Installation Charges.

Believe me, after 4 months now... am pretty much satisfied with the service that BEAM has been provided. I would definitely suggest Hyderbadi folks to go for BEAM if your area has it... rather paying extra bucks for govt service...

Note: Procedure for BSNL Broadband Disconnection >>
Write a Letter for disconnection of Broadband Service
Submit the letter @ nearby BSNL Office
Take a letter/receipt from BSNL Office for returning of MODEM
Return Modem to said location [usually returning modem will happen @ different location other than BSNL Office where you submit your disconnection letter.. might be the BSNL strategy to make a delay in disconnection]
Take a receipt/signature after returning MODEM
Submit this receipt/signature letter to BSNL Office [where you've submitted disconnection letter]

That's et....

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