Saturday, November 24, 2012

Samsung S3 Vs Samsung Note II

In recent days, Samsung is slowly evolving as pioneer in mobile making industry and with its Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphones, its slowly capturing the market in UK & US though iPhones iOS still being observed as a top of all SmartPhones with a mere margin with Samsung SmartPhones being on second spot. Here I bring you some of the comparison stats between Samsung S3 Vs Samsung Note II
I think Samsung S3 is making unbelievable success and will make unlimited success for years to come. Samsung Note II cannot be compared with Samsung S3 since they are pretty similiar in most of the specs and differently categorized as mobiles. I feel Samsung S3 represents perfect balance between size, performance and overall as compared to NoteII. Both devices are amazing but the second comes with heft price. Note II has lower population who do not look for having a bigger screen means its more cumbersome, complicated mobile.