Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Add To Favourites..

Hi GUYS, Sorry for blogging after a long time...But never mind i got
JAVA Package
for you all...

Hibernate lovers..this is really a good one.
Narayan SQL this is for sql..
JAVA.. that is what you need.Really cool.
No Problem ...any example you can find er on java..wht else u need my javageekz.
Facing Problem with JBOSS-J2EE... Gotta solution

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


R u a WINDOWS lover..
Here are some good links to improve your skills..
Start with Batch Scripting
Cool Collection of Scripting in Windows..keep it in Deep-Freezer
Become a DOS BOSS
WIn2k/NT Scripting
Easy DOS COMMANDS in your pocket.

Never mind the Darkness
We can still find a way
Nothing Lasts Forever
Even Cold November Rain

LINUX...Yo Man!

Hey guyz.. LOVING LINUX den NO more probs for u..
Here are some good links for linux lovers...
Handle with care...linux Cool Commands..
Excellent Java Programming..
Command Line Prince
Pinging Scripts in Kitchen
System Administration FINGERS

Monday, May 02, 2005

Programming with PERL

Hi Guyz..This is something who face problems with programming in PERL ..

Even some good links for perl Lovers ..

Some serious scripting with perl...Serious Scripting


Good Examples on perl-CGI

Friday, April 15, 2005

Cool HTML Links..

Hi GUYZ ..i'm extremely sorry for blogging after a long time..
k...let's start blogging again..

Here are some good HTML tutorials.
Also,some good tutorials available at Juicy studio for you..very simple to digest.
Searching for some Sliders,Menus..don't get yourself into tunnel.Here are some Readymade Slides..Menus..Navigation..Scrollers..and many your Finger Tip .

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Beginning With Linux

Linux beginners here are some Cool Commands to free your list of documents on Linux Commands.
Also well organised Linux Documentation

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Monday, March 07, 2005

Plotting of tcpstat

Want to have all the TOOLS OF LINUX after which you don't have to do anything by yourself..leave it on this link and enjoy...

For Level-2 from GARTNER GROUP Hierarchy :-

Auditing, Monitoring and Investigating steps to Download from above link...

1. tcpdump .

2. tcpsplit for splitting the large captured files of tcpdump .
1. Net2Pcap is the other way for taking tcpdump in pcap format.

2. tcpsplit for splitting the large captured files of tcpdump .

3. Pcap Dispatcher for dispatching the Pcap files to analyse your captures.

4. tcpdstat for better report generation.

5. ipaudit for all auditing of network traffic.

Finally, match the figures got from "ipaudit" and "tcpdstat" tools.

Plotting steps :-


Searching THINGS is very easy...with proper keywords.Dat's it.

Oh No !! Forgot the way for going home , don't worry google is always there for you , giving a helping hand with its new feature of..
MAPS Howz that..