Thursday, May 13, 2010

Experience @ Visa Consulate

Guys... after 1 yr of struggle @ work... finally got an opportunity for a different role at US...

It was an alarm woke me up at 6:45am Monday Morning but I was feeling sleepy. I opened my curtains and opened my closet door smiling at sun. I was ready in 40Mins and took a cab close to my apartment and arrived at Consulate General of the United States Mumbai, India (Mahalaxmi) by 9:10am.

It was 09-Oct 2006 Monday Morning... Early morning for visa interview but it was believed that... early birds gets visa with smiling faces on US Consulate... as time goes on, US Consulate face changes with some dumb irritating HINGLISH (Hindi+English~+Mild Gujrati) Gujjus... and a mathematical equation becomes in terms of rejection of visas thats what happened with one of my good sad friend Ashwin (he's down in the Black book)

Entered into the final Hall of Interview (Hall of Fame). Looking at each others nervous face with a vague indication of rejections.

There were few counters dedicated to Gujju families... most of them can be recognised as Patels or Shahs waiting to add some more flavor to Canadian snowfalls (falls of more gujjus/patels) or every other region in US since, there was a huge demand for indian stores to serve south indians with their groceries.

Finally my number popped up on Digital Display to find my way towards #12 counter... There was a fatty firang with smile on his face as it looks someone cracked joke just before my turn. Here are some of the questions asked by fatty -

Fatty:Which company you work for?
Fatty:How much you earn?
Me:????(sorry... I cannot disclose my companies excellent salary structure in this blog because I need myself some more time to understand it)
Fatty:Where are you going?
(Ofcourse its a US Consulate.. but still they ask the same question just to ensure that people know very well where they're going)

Fatty: Ok... so you're going to chicago. Its a nice place to stay around...
Are you vegeterian or Non-Veg?
Me: Pure Non-Veg
Fatty: You will love chicago pizzas.. they're quite famous.. don't go with Dominos... Papa John's got some excellent pizzas and you'll definitely love it (thought of Papa John's sponsored some pizzas for fatty contributing some fat in his body)

Fatty: Ok boy... Wish u a Good Luck for your US Assignment....!!!

Wow...!! Here I go with my visa valid for next 3 yrs though will be going US for 3 months.

(To be continued...)

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